Posted by PhDLuffy on October 6, 2023


iPhone12Pro, 版本ios-15.4.1



TrollHelperOTA (iOS 15)

Supported Devices: All devices

Supported Versions: iOS 15.0 - 15.5b4


  1. On your device, go to the following link:

  2. An alert should appear, tap “Install”

  3. When the installation is finished, you will find a “GTA Car Tracker” application on your device.

  4. If this app has not appeared, that’s a stock iOS bug, reboot your device and the app will appear.

  5. Launch the app, tap “Install TrollStore”

  6. Wait a few seconds, your device should respring and TrollStore will be installed.

  7. You can now either delete the “GTA Car Tracker” app, or register it as the persistence helper by opening it and tapping the option at the bottom. If you do this, don’t delete the app.

  8. Open the TrollStore app and press “Install ldid” in the Settings tab, then read the information under “Persistence”, and install the Persistence Helper into a system app if you want persistence (not needed if you registered the GTA Car Tracker app as the persistence helper in step 7).

  9. Done, you can now share IPA files with TrollStore and they will be permanently installed on your device.